FES Corps (Logo)

Special Call of Service to Finish the Great Commission

Who We Are

The FES Corps is a uniquely qualified and trained group of specialists going forth in the "spirit" of the 144,000 who “follow the Lamb wherever He goes.” The FES Corps has answered the call of the Lamb to give their all for the proclamation of the gospel in the hardest, most dangerous and most unengaged places on earth. FES stands for Front End Specialists. “Front End” because they will rapidly respond in crisis situations in dangerous and difficult access locations. “Specialists” because they will be given uniquely specialized and arduous training.

What is Unique About FES Corps?

FES Corps are superbly trained responders who are effectively prepared to encounter multiple complex disaster scenarios in difficult and dangerous access countries, to be the first on the ground, to immediately establish key contacts, to intelligently assess the needs, and to establish effective plans for dealing with international crises. This is done to ensure timely first-tier response in disaster and conflict zones, and to bring continuity to second-tier long-term reconstruction and discipleship

How Do I Qualify for FES Corps?

One becomes a FES Corps worker by completing a three-week, intensive field and classroom training program called Operation Rugged Cross (ORC). ORC is designed by a highly qualified and eminent staff of experts in dealing with a wide range of worst case scenarios both domestically and internationally.

Operation Rugged Cross

In Operation Rugged Cross, personnel become proficient in contingency planning and living and working in high threat areas.  The training will prepare personnel to confidently analyze the situations and risks of different areas, and develop plans to carry out their work while mitigating as many risks as feasible.

Operation Rugged Cross is designed to prepare a unique kind of first responder. In this training, each participant will learn to successfully enter and engage high risk crisis scenarios internationally. FES Corp personnel will learn in simulated realistic scenarios, with practical applications, to enhance individual skills, which will allow him or her to bring much needed humanitarian assistance in a timely manner, and to thrive and survive in hostile environments. Each member will learn skills in:

  • Working in Hostile Environments

  • Hostage Survival

  • Situational Awareness

  • Team Dynamics

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Cross-Cultural Adaptation

  • Mission Planning

  • Radio Communications

  • Land Navigation

  • Trauma and Management

  • Mass Casualty

  • Crisis Planning and Management

  • Rapid Response

  • Mitigating Risks

  • Analyze Dangerous Situations

Included in the training candidates will receive instruction in spiritual formation and specifics regarding our ultimate purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.

After completing Operation Rugged Cross, FES Corps workers will have the enhanced leadership capacity to understand and analyze crisis situations, make wise and immediate plans for coordinated responses with local contacts in a multitude of environments, for extended times, in hostile atmospheres.

What Kind of Person Are We Looking For?

The FES Corp personnel work in hostile environments that induce heavy amounts of stress caused by ambiguity, personal danger and many other factors.  The successful worker is one who is able to analyze his or her situation, and that of the crisis in the host nation, and adjust to the situations at hand.  ORC is not for everyone, and not everyone will make it through. For these reasons FES Corp personnel should have certain character and personality traits in addition to the fruit of the spirit that Paul discussed in Galatians Chapter 5. To successfully complete FES Corp training and become an effective first response worker in these environments, we are looking for these kinds of qualities:

In Relation to God:

  • Personal Relationship with Christ

  • Spiritually Mature

  • Faithful and Willing to Serve

In Relation to Others:

  • Humility and Empathy

  • Team Player

  • Ability to Withhold Judgment

  • Ability to Communicate Effectively

 In Relation to the Work:

  • Physically Fit

  • Adaptable to Working in Isolated Environments

  • Hard Working and Motivated

  • Able to Work Under High Degree of Stress and Pressure

  • Tolerance for Ambiguity

  • Ability to Accept and Learn from Failure

  • Realistic Goal and Task Setting

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