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In this three-week module, learners will get an introduction to concepts, principles and skills that will prepare them to learn a second language and culture for ministry. The first week is an exploration of their own culture and language, during which we also introduce some basic features of language and culture and ways in which languages and cultures differ. The last two weeks include practical, hands-on practice with phonetics, language and culture learning techniques and activities, applied to beginning to learn a new language. Learners will try out the new techniques by working with speakers of another language. We will also introduce principles of second language acquisition and there will also be practice in planning lessons, self-evaluation, and ongoing language and culture learning, with an emphasis on developing cross-cultural communicative competence.


  • Plan and carry out a successful program of independent language learning.

  • Interact well with people of other cultures, based on the knowledge and acceptance of different underlying values.

  • Work with confidence with a Language Resource Person.

  • Identify some of the basic characteristics of the sounds that occur in the languages of the world, and describe how they are produced.

  • Produce some sounds that do not occur in your first language.

  • Use a variety of techniques for language learning.

  • Use digital recorders and computers to aid language learning.

  • Choose language and culture learning techniques that fit your own personal learning style.

  • Research and locate language learning materials that are already available for learning a given language.

  • Monitor your progress in language learning and do self-assessments.

  • Know what motivates you in language learning, and take a pro-active approach to maintaining high motivation.

  • Have developed the attitude of “life-long” language learning.


  • to prepare learners to be self-directed language learners, whether in a language school or an independent learning program.

  • to introduce learners to basic speech mechanisms, make them familiar with some of the range of sounds they may encounter, and to give them confidence that they can achieve an acceptable pronunciation in a new language.

  • to introduce learners to some basic aspects of language and culture and how they interact in communication.

  • to raise learners’ awareness of their own personal learner characteristics and how this affects their choice and enjoyment of different approaches to language learning.

  • to give learners experience in using some basic novice-level techniques in learning a language with a language helper.

  • to give learners ideas on techniques they can use in ongoing language learning at different levels.

  • to help learners develop cultural awareness and culture observation skills

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