Balkan Institute for Culture and Language

​April 8-19 2019, Tirana, Albania

In this 70-hour, 11-day course, participants will be introduced to skills and perspectives that will prepare them to learn a second language and culture for ministry.

This Intensive Program Will Provide You With:
  • ​Cross-cultural Communication and Adjustment Skills
  • ​Self-driven Practices for Language Acquisition
  • ​Strategies for Inter-Cultural Negotiation
  • ​Practical Experience in International Phonetics
  • ​Instructors with more than 50 Years of Combined Global Experience
  • ​Certified Facilitation from the Centre for Cultural Intelligence (USA)

By the end of this 70-hour, 11-day course you will be able to:

  • ​Plan and carry out a successful program of independent language learning
  • ​Work with confidence with a Language Resource Person.
  • Identify the basic characteristics of the sounds that occur in the languages of the world.
  • ​Use a variety of techniques for language learning.
  • Apply academically proven strategies to improve  cross-cultural communication.
  • ​Understand the major differences between the cultures of the world.
  • ​Confidently enter into a new cultural context.
  • ​Use critical skills for cross-cultural adjustment.

April 8-19, 2019 Tirana, Albania

The total cost of this course is 300 ​USD.

By pre-registering ​before February 28, 2019 you are offered the early-bird discount price of 250 ​USD.

The non-refundable pre-registration fee is 50 ​USD, which you will need to pay online today.

You will be asked to pay the remaining 200 ​USD on the first day of the course or you can pay ​the full cost online today.

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