Bahamas Tropical Weather

Dear praying friends,

As you all know, a catastrophic hurricane has slammed the northern islands of the Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian has unleashed the most devastating disaster in the history of this country. Multiple towns on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahamas have been literally wiped out – complete destruction (see videos below)

I served in the Bahamas for three years with my wife and young son many years ago. Many of our dear friends have family members who have lost everything. In the latest report, “Everything in Marsh Harbor, Murphy Town, everywhere is a disaster. It’s finished for this area. Every house is down, all the stores are down. Vehicles are destroyed. It’s like doomsday. It is a catastrophe here. There is nobody you can go to here. Police are only picking up bodies. There are dead bodies all over the place.”

Antecessor is responding. We are working closely with our contacts on the Island of Spanish Wells and in Nassau. Our particular focus is getting building materials onto the affected islands. The building materials are being used to build temporary structures for people who have been left homeless by the high winds and storm surge.

We ask that you give to help us provide immediate relief to those who have been most severely impacted. Please listen to the audio message of our Antecessor project coordinator on the ground. Please pray.

Because of Christ,

Nathan Graves