Operation Relent (Micro-SD Cards)

As a result of war in the Middle East, a mass exodus of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan flooded the region. In 2015 more than a million mostly Muslim migrants and refugees streamed out of Turkey through the Balkans and into Western Europe.

At one point, more than 5,000 daily were transiting through the small countries of Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. Many national believers rushed to their borders to give aid and to distribute the Word of God as they were made available by Antecessor. As a result of our combined efforts, as many as 20,000 micro-SD cards were given personally and individually to the migrants and refugees.

Each tiny micro-SD card, that is easily placed in smart phones, is packed with the Scriptures and other Christian literature in the six main languages of the refugees, including Standard Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish and Afghan languages.

Your giving allows us to purchase, duplicate and transport these cards to their various locations for distribution. This method has proven to be the most effective way of getting the word of God into the hands of many who would otherwise not have an opportunity to have the Bible in their language.

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