Strengthening Your Capacity For Disaster Response



Antecessor is committed to helping churches and mission organizations successfully reach affected people in disasters. We act as a bridge by providing the necessary services that will help enable you to do your work more effectively. In short, we work to help you improve disaster preparedness and response.

Antecessor will work with you to prepare strategies, to train people, and to provide communications linkages so that disasters are better managed and that disaster response is linked much more effectively to reconstruction and discipleship in a culturally relevant manner.

Antecessor exists to improve the crisis response capabilities of emergency responders domestically and around the world. We do this by:

  1. Strengthening your capacity to mobilize proactively before, during and after a crises

  2. Maintaining a virtual network of contacts and resources we are able to mobilize in a crisis

  3. Acting as a communications bridge between people in need and others who want to support them during crises

Transitioning From Medium to Long Term Impact



  • Disaster preparedness and security

  • Networking

  • Preparing for New Kinds of Disaster, including Terrorism

  • Communications and communications networks

  • Simulation Training

  1. Strengthening local networks for disaster preparedness before crises occur

  2. Helping you develop pre-established disaster response plans

  3. Providing you with field reality analyses of what’s going on on the ground from first person sources.

  4. Rapid mobilization of technical expertise in disasters

We’ll Walk with You

Antecessor works to provide you with these and other services before crises arise, during crises and post crisis transition, into the reconstruction phase. Our services, training, linkages and pre-coordination will facilitate your goals of moving from the disaster into long-term impact.